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My journey with Jehovah’s Witnesses for 12 years.

My family has been with the religious side of the world through out my entire life. I grew up knowing the religion they have established for themselves, especially my dad.. he’s very religious, but not in a catholic way of praying for the saints, instead he prays directly to THE ONE ABOVE. As for my mom, she’s the one i found myself following the footsteps from, she’s learned the teachings of Born Again, Catholicism, Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehovah, and many more (who knows?) and i, myself, am learning those also. Well, there is more room for curiosity.

Growing up between two different parents is not an issue, but my own beliefs? my own principles? my own religion? what and who should i follow? what and who should i believe? I have come to partially conclude my own life when the BOOK OF BIBLE STORIES came to my life as my 8th birthday gift and that was way back 2004.

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The book has been a part of me as i read it more than a dozen times, the beginning of the Earth, the disobedience, the siblings, the loyal, the good samaritan story, the great Moses, the fall, the flood, the birth of Christ, and more. And as i got my first watchtower 2004, i got intrigued knowing that my favorite book of all time was from JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES JW!. The moment i learned that it came from them, i started reading their WATCHTOWERs and WAKE UPs with different languages of English, Tagalog and Ilocano.

(Below: Issue 2004 and 2010 side by side)


It was very knowledgeable, very informative, very bible-like with all the teachings, lessons, and even quizzes at the back!.

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Unexpected Undertaking: a S.A.D. testimonial

I can never neglect the moment our adviser in Systems Analysis and Design called my name for the very first day of the class. No one said a word, the classroom went still as I walk to the front chairs and sit down beside the other team leaders (which actually made me feel even nervous). I felt frustration, excitement, happiness, and magnificence that went ripping and electrifying my whole being. I was selected to be a team leader, and at the very least, I thought I would fail the role. This subject made me crawl so deep and hard I tend to hurt myself (and the document).

Surviving these five months of SAD will never be forgotten by my unbearable brain. I went to being a cadaverous lady of empty stomach and dark circles under my eyes. But it meant something, and something meant good. What have I become because of SAD? One, I was able to spread throughout my body the push to do things out of my limits. I learned to never stay in my comfort zone, to do things that will lead to a better accomplishment, to always crave to teach myself the values of learning and living. Two, I have come to a realization that during these extreme months, I am now better in determining my weaknesses and my strengths that fills up my whole being. And three, I have experienced that being a team leader, I have to be at the bottom of the ladder to push my members upward, to carry all the burden and all the responsibilities.

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#io16 GDG Baguio Viewing Party

The four hosts at the far right fixing cables of the telephone to connect to GDG Cebu Viewing party group

So i saw this event in my google+ home feed that Google will launch its GOOGLE IO for 2016 and all its branches will join along as the main event in California will be broadcasted worldwide.

I shared the post from Facebook and invited my friends over. we came as early as 7pm that night at PLDT Innolab (where the viewing party will occur) and i got surprised to see that we’re the only ones who were there (including two guys from PLDT).

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eBay INC: The challenges of online marketplace success

  1. The World’s Largest Market Place
    1. Visit the eBay website and check out the many trading categories, specialty sites, international sites and other features in their online market place. How well does the eBay provide “the World’s Largest Trading Platform, where practically anyone can trade practically anything”? Explain your evaluation.

      When conducting online commerce, eBay provides different categories (A-Z). For example, they don’t just provide “Antiques” but they provide specific Antiques such as Antique books, Antique dinnerware, and Antique furniture. This implies that their wide varieties of products are detailed thus providing buyers easier access on the products. Also, since a lot of products are sold for mere seconds, this indicates that they have huge numbers of users conducting activities with each other.

    2. Why do you think eBay has become the largest online market for certain products such as autos, collectibles, computers, photo equipment and sporting goods?

      eBay has become the largest online market because they have these services:Credible Products/ Services – trust, goodwillFeedback Acceptance – communicationNeutral – conflict resolutionAffordable priceWide variety of products/ services – categories

    3. How do people make a living trading on eBay? Evaluate what it takes to be an eBay Power seller, or to have someone sell for you. Explain your evaluation of the sell side of eBay.

      As a seller, I must first confirm my identity and provide an approved merchant account. When uploading my items, I must indicate reasonable prices. I should retain my reputation and earn high feedback ratings by following the correct rules of eBay in selling.

      As a buyer, after I found the item I am looking for, it is my responsibility to get to know the seller of that item. I shall check the seller’s eBay reputation by the feedback ratings of other users.

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ICTO Office of DOST Philippines

The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology was created under the Executive Order 47 (series of 2011). It is the lead implementing agency of the government in all ICT- related efforts with special focus on areas of industry development, policy, infrastructure development, research and development, capacity building of the public sector, and the administration of the E-Government Fund.


To provide leadership, direction and coordination in the development, implementation and use of ICT for socio-economic development and for delivery of public service to digitally empowered citizens.


A globally competitive knowledge-based economy, enabled by open and innovative ICT-enabled governance, providing world-class responsive services to digitally-empowered citizens and communities in a progressive, equitable and sustainable society.


The Information and Communications Technology Office shall be the primary policy, planning, coordinating, implementing, regulating, and administrative entity of the executive branch of Government that will promote, develop, and regulate integrated and strategic information and communications technology (ICT) systems and reliable and cost-efficient communication facilities and services.  (per E.O No. 269 dated January 12, 2004, as amended by E.O No. 47 dated June 23, 2011)

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What i know about men and how they love

I’ve been in three relationships and one currently right now, I know it’s not enough for me to be an advisable blogger but it’s much better to share what I’ve learned so far. So my first relationship only lasted a month (which In my deep self I regard it as the time I’m still discovering how to date a guy *chuckles*), my second relationship lasted eight months (…for merely not talking to each other, like we’re just…strangers), third relationship is seven months (now this is where I finally experienced the consequences when I love too much and when I love too less), and the one I’m currently with right now is five months and counting (and it’s going great!). But of course men includes my dad, my older brother and my younger brother.

BACKGROUND CHECK ABOUT MEN (Based on my observation):

  1. Men hates women who are TOO NEEDY, they hate women who are too dependent on them it suffocates them. Women who walks around following him all day like a dog, as if she’ll die when the guy is not around. Men wants to see women who are also independent, it’s a proof that they don’t have to be worried being followed around.
  2. Men hates being criticized about the way they work. If you don’t like the way he cooks infront of your family then just be the one to cook, or better if you cook and let him assist you so he’ll learn the proper way to cook. Men don’t want to be teached publicly or to be told on what to do as if they never did anything right, it breaks down their masculinity and ego as a man.
  3. Men hates mouthful women. Too much blah blah in just a day will make him go to bed and cover both his ears with the pillow. Men can’t stand women shouting at them during a fight, since women are high-pitched in voice, it gets to men’s nerves enough to make him irritated. That’s why some guys just wants to get out of the house or go to a quite place to get rid of that irritating high pitch voice.
  4. Men likes being the first in something. Not being first is upsetting to their ego. First to read the newspaper in the morning, first to watch TV before you, first to surprise you, first to look at you in the morning… but why do men sometimes hit last when waking up early morning? And last to finish his dish on dinner? Perhaps they also found something good being last, like last to take the shower so he can stay there for hours.
  5. Men are brave. If it means doing household repairs and heavy duties, you can count on them. he can even go to war or just punch someone in the face as long as justice is on his side. He’ll feel good if he did something brave when infront of you. But sometimes men also has fallbacks, like phobias and even bikini wax (I heard it truly hurts, 10x more than how it hurts for females).
  6. Men sometimes hate to lose. They want to win in some things specially if they exerted great effort in it. They have such huge confidence that they believe confidence will let them win. But when his confidence let him lose, you’ll always find him at the corner of the room sulking his broken psyche as a man.lucky-girl-good-boyfriend-unicorn-1

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